Money Makeover QuickBooks Audit

What are your mistakes in QuickBooks costing you?

You don't have to hire a bookkeeper to fix your books BUT you do need to know where to start! 

Does this sound familiar?

  • Do you use QuickBooks and feel frustrated because you don't know what categories things need to be in?
  • Maybe your bank balances/credit card accounts in QuickBooks don't match reality month after month, and you have no idea why!
  • You dread tax season every year because you don't want to look at the numbers and you might even feel ashamed for not being further along
  • Your Profit And loss (P&L) doesn't look right and you sure as heck can't use it to make business decisions, you rely on your bank account for that which causes problems because you never really know what charges are coming out


If so, you're most likely overpaying taxes possibly by thousands, and you're not clear on what cash flow you're actually bringing in. 


It's time to eliminate the bookkeeping overwhelm so that you jump on the fast track to hitting your revenue goal!


Here's How This Works:

After the completion of your QuickBooks audit

- You'll receive an itemized checklist of the 4 key areas to check for QuickBooks errors

- Mention of any red flags within each of those areas

- As well as suggestions of doable ways to fix the mistakes and how to avoid them in the future

- Video walkthrough of every item mentioned in the checklist


Increase your confidence in your business numbers so that you can be the CEO you need to be to hit your revenue goals


NOTE: Typical delivery time frame is 5-7 business days.



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$297.00 USD

What are you going to do once your books are set up correctly?

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